The Last Survivors

Species distribution maps

One of the aims of “the last survivors” project is to establish both the historical and present day distribution of the Hispaniolan solenodon and hutia across the Island.

The map below enables you to keep up to date with our progress on this front. Data collected during the course of the project comes from three sources: opportunistic, survey and questionnaire data. To find out the date when data was collected and the type of data source simply click on one of the red (solenodon) or green (hutia) icons. You can also zoom into the map to get a closer look at excatly where we are finding these species, clicking stellite or terrain (top right corner) shows you the type of landscape we are finding them in.

The map will be regularly updated as new data comes in so do please keep coming back to watch our progress on this front.

Hispaniolan hutia Hispaniolan hutia
Hispaniolan solenodon Hispaniolan solenodon

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