The Last Survivors

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22 June 2012 The Hispaniolan Solenodon: A Real Life Pinocchio by Malcolm Smith, Suite 101

March 2012 Conservation students from around the world gather in Jersey Wildlife Extra

14 March 2012 Durrell’s flagship course helps next generation of conservationists hit the ground running Durrell Website

22 January 2012 Book chapter “Saving the World’s weirdest mammal” Life is Good: Conservation in an Age of Mass Extinction by Jeremy Hance, writer for

11 December 2011 Los Ultimos Sobrevivientes (in Spanish) GeoVida TV program – Canal 6

21 September 2011 Island Species-Led Action: conservation training in the Dominican Republic

11 September 2011 Featured video: the Caribbean’s last mammals

7 September 2011 ARKive’s Top 10 EDGE species EDGE website

7 September 2011 The last Survivors in the Dominican Republic’s wild!!!

25 August 2011 Species on the Edge of Survival Harper Collins/IUCN Book

12 August 2011 “Milagros desde la Z” radio program on Z101 station (7-8pm) Milagros Ortiz interviewed Jorge Brocca (Executive Director, Sociedad Ornitologica de la Hispaniola) on “The Last Survivors Project” and others

22 July 2011 Strange Prehistoric Mammal Protected in Domican Republic International Business Times

12 July 2011 Species of the Week: Hispaniolan solenodon (Solenodon paradoxus) Evolutionary Distinct and Globally Endangered (EDGE) website

28 May 2011 ¿Los últimos sobrevivientes? by Arismendy Calderon in the HOY newspaper

1 March 2011 Solenodon Joe reports on the successes of the Last Survivors project by Green Antilles

15 January 2011 “Los Últimos Sobrevivientes” by Jake Kheel in the HOY newspapers “En Sociedad” Magazine

16 November 2010 The Darwin Initiative The British Embassy in the Dominican Republic

13 November 2010 Natural History Museum exhibits Fauna Dominicana

Autumn 2010 Ghost Hunting in the Caribbean Green Templeton College Magazine (Autumn 2010 edition; pp 26-28)

11 September 2010 Zoóloga inglesa pide RD defienda especies únicas; El solenodonte y la jutía están en vía de extinción El Nacional

1 September 2010 Zoológico de Londres asiste a Los Últimos Sobrevivientes

31 August 2010 Dos especies RD en la “lista roja” El Nacional

26 June 2010 El ZooDom rescata a “Soli” cumplirá 35 años el 5 de Julio El Nacional

4 June 2010 SOLENODON Science in Action (minute 20:50) – BBC World Service Radio

3 June 2010 Encuentro con un “fósil viviente” en R. Dominicana BBC Mundo

2 June 2010 Extinction threat to ancient venomous mammal BBC News Website

2 June 2010 Bizarre mammal on brink of extinction GMT – BBC World News

2 June 2010 Ancient mammal ‘threatened with extinction BBC Radio 4 TODAY programme

2 June 2010 Close encounter with a bizarre venomous beast BBC Website

1 June 2010 The cave of bones: A story of solenodon survival BBC Website

31 May 2010 Ghost hunters: On the trail of a ‘living fossil’ BBC Website

30 May 2010 BBC difundirá reportajes sobre República Dominicana

3rd May 2010 Sociedad Ornitológica de la Hispaniola exhorta a proteger solenodonte . Diario Libre

18th January 2010. The Caribbean’s wonderfully weird (and threatened) mammals, an interview with Jose Nunez-Mino.

14th December 2009. Die Geister des Urwaldes. Der Spiegel

2nd September 2009. El solenodonte, un animal que vive con nosotros.

31st July 2009. Saving a venemous ghost. Science magazine

31st March 2009. Rare biting shrew filmed by researchers. Daily Telegraph

12th January 2009. Venemous “Giant Shrew” Caught on Film. National Geographic News

10th January 2009. Rare Dominican mammal makes news

9th January 2009. Rediscovery of the solenodon, a rare venomous mammal, in Haiti.

9th January 2009. Venemous mammal caught on camera. BBC website and radio

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